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20 years in the industry.

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From online store creation to marketing campaigns, ActiveM develops customer dedicated applications.


We are focused on results, all our designs are optimized for Internet marketing and conversion..

Our Competence

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creating from scratch
The world is full of ideas, unrealized projects and inspirations. We create from scratch; execute daring, original, bold designs for demanding clients. It does not matter whether we create the portal, banner ads, a social campaign or an integrated marketing campaign. What matters is first and foremost an idea, a good, original creation that will delight and attract audiences.
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Social Media

community building
We create community around brands. We start by building a long-term strategy, through the development schedule, the systematic development of customer relationships. We use a number of measures and set ambitious goals to which we aspire. The customer will see an increased credibility of the brand and commitment to the fans. Social media does not stop for us on Facebook.
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that is dialogue
We are building a new look for the same brand! We teach the dialogue between brand and consumer. We create a marketing path on which the brand should move. We choose the tools, channels of communication and conduct research. Our aim is to engage audiences, to present the brand in a new light. We build a lasting relationship between the consumer and the brand. We define goals, we rely on facts and at the same time we verify the proposed solutions, minimizing the risk of our clients. We use the knowledge and experience of professional strategists, marketers and analysts.
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Seo = Search

We help our clients exist on the Internet. Carefully prepare a marketing strategy; we select actions and tools that are optimal for the portal.
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Marketing automation

personalized marketing
Reach customers at every stage of their purchases! Send personalised ads, collecting data - consumer interests, demographics, actions taken on a given web page. Identify the customer and send them suitable personalised marketing messages. Marketing Automation is pre-sales and after-sales communication with the client.
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Unconventional portals, online stores and dedicated systems for individual customers and businesses. Web sites based on content management systems - Wordpress, Drupal and online shops based on platforms Soteshop, PrestaShop, Magento. Our programmers also create dedicated systems based on the real needs of our customers, consistent with the business model, stable, intuitive to use.
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sales network
We help build websites allowing for long-term trade and service. Services considered, taking into account all the expectations of our customers. We use proven platform, but at the same time we are open to new ideas. We always offer unique artwork, closely tailored to the industry and business model. We do not end with the creation of the store - we guarantee also help by the Google Certified Adviser.
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individual solutions
We implement business solutions i.e. automate transaction processes, service, self-service, facilitate work of the entire company. Create applications for our customers and for end users. We execute applications from beginning to end - from the specifications jointly developed from the graphic and functionality to final testing. The customer receives fully built application with technical support.
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stability of service
States Parties and shops are 100% available on a monthly basis so that they can generate sales of 365 days a year. We guarantee the speed and stable operation for websites, shops and dedicated systems. We offer hosting for companies with high demands, who want to maintain multiple websites in one place. We provide a safe and comfortable to use mailboxes on a dedicated panel and assistance of a dedicated administrator.
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we realise ideas
We create and design. We are looking for inspiration from the world around us, talking with customers and recipients of our ideas. For each concept is treated individually, based on selected indicators. There are no two identical projects, no two of the same products. We are changing the world around us, we are building new ideas and creating new needs. We create the customer's expectations.


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200 £

Per hour

32 £

Per project


1000 £

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ActiveM is based in Northampton but we do projects for clients all over the country. We are open for business meetings anywhere up to around 100 miles from Northampton (London, Milton Keynes, Rugby, Wellingborough, Kettering).